Investing In Medical Innovation

Accuitive Medical Ventures is a venture capital firm with committed capital of $230 million. Our office is located in Atlanta, GA. We're a market driven firm looking for revolutionary medical device technology investment opportunities.

Accuitive specializes in two distinct types of investments:

  • Venture financing for companies with outstanding technology and teams
  • Venture financing and management of technologies being developed within The Innovation Factory

Accuitive Medical Ventures has a strong relationship with The Innovation Factory (TIF), the successful medical technology serial operating team. TIF has started thirteen companies since 1999 and is based in Atlanta, GA. In conjunction with TIF, Accuitive Medical Ventures has the resources and experience to create long-term value for all medical technology stakeholders.

Accuitive has established relationships with some of the industry’s leading institutions to offer emerging companies and investors the opportunity to build unique new businesses and long-term shareholder value. Accuitive’s connections to some of the industry’s leading practitioners, thought leaders and venture capital firms enable us to add substantial value as investors and board members.


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