The Portfolio

Below are examples of our investments.

  • AcuFocus, Inc.

    AcuFocus has developed and is marketing an innovative corneal implant technology to treat presbyopia. AcuFocus was founded within The Innovation Factory.

    Coinvestors include Versant Ventures, The Carlyle Group, SV Life Sciences, Sightline, Bausch & Lomb, Medtronic Inc., and Cowen Healthcare Royalty Partners.

  • AqueSys

    AqueSys is developing a novel implant to lower intraocular pressure in glaucoma patients. AqueSys was founded within The Innovation Factory.

    Coinvestors include SV Life Sciences, The Carlyle Group, Longitude Venture Partners, and RHO Ventures.

  • AxoGen

    AxoGen provides surgeons a novel solution to repair and regenerate peripheral nerves.

    Axogen is now a public company trading under the ticker symbol AXGN

  • CardioFocus

    CardioFocus has developed and is marketing a catheter-based approach to treating atrial fibrillation.

    Coinvestors include Oxford Biosciences, SV Life Sciences, H.I.G. Ventures, Aurora Funds, and KBL Healthcare Ventures.

  • Inogen, Inc.

    Inogen has commercialized low-weight, portable oxygen concentrators to serve as full-time replacement devices for the home oxygen market.

    Coinvestors include Versant Ventures, Novo Ventures, Arboretum Ventures, Avalon Ventures, and Magnetic Moments.

  • Intuity Medical

    Intuity Medical is developing a novel fully integrated blood glucose monitor for the diabetes market.

    Coinvestors include Versant Ventures, USVP, Venrock, IGC, Thomas McNerney and Partners and Emergent Medical Partners.

  • LipoSonix, Inc.

    LipoSonix focuses on providing a non-invasive alternative to liposuction surgery using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology. LipoSonix was founded within The Innovation Factory and was acquired by Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation. LipoSonix currently operates within Solta Medical.

    Coinvestors include Three Arch Partners, Versant Ventures, Delphi Ventures, The Carlyle Group, Essex Woodlands Health Ventures, Pinnacle Ventures, and SV Life Sciences.

  • MyoScience

    MyoScience is developing novel technologies for pain relief and aesthetic medicine.

    Coinvestors include De Novo Ventures, Nexus Medical, and Saratoga Ventures.

  • Neuronetics, Inc.

    Neuronetics has developed and commercialized a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) system to treat depression. Neuronetics was founded within The Innovation Factory.

    Coinvestors include New Leaf Partners, Three Arch Partners, InterWest Partners, ONSET Ventures, Quaker Bioventures, KBL Healthcare Ventures, Investor AB, Polaris Ventures, and Pfizer Ventures.

  • Nevro

    Nevro is a medical device company developing an implantable device for the treatment of chronic pain.

    Coinvestors include Aberdare Ventures, Bay City Capital, Three Arch Partners, MPM Capital, Mayo Medical Ventures and Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation.

  • Respicardia

    Respicardia is developing a central Sleep Apnea neurostimulation technology to treat and prevent Congestive Heart Failure.

    Coinvestors include Versant Ventures, Three Arch Partners, Polaris Ventures, Affinity Capital, RK Ventures Group, and Abbott Ventures.

  • Sadra Medical

    Sadra Medical is developing minimally invasive alternatives to surgical aortic valve replacement.

    Sadra Medical was acquired by Boston Scientific (NYSE: BSX).

  • Sebacia

    Sebacia is developing novel technology to address a large unmet need in dermatology. The company was founded and is currently operating within The Innovation Factory.

    Coinvestors include Versant Ventures, Domain Associates, and The Partners Healthcare Innovation Fund.

  • SoftScope

    Softscope is developing a disposable accessory for use with existing colonoscopes that will make colonoscopy more comfortable for patients, easier and faster for physicians and potentially eliminate the need for I.V. sedation.

    SoftScope was acquired by Fujinon.

  • Torax Medical

    Torax Medical has developed and commercialized a minimally invasive reflux management system for the treatment of GERD.

    Coinvestors include Thomas, McNerney and Partners, Sanderling Ventures, Mayo Medical Ventures, and Kaiser Permanente.

  • WaveTec Vision

    WaveTec Vision has developed and commercialized a novel wavefront measurement technology that provides on-demand, intraoperative information to cataract and refractive surgeons.

    Coinvestors include Versant Ventures, De Novo Ventures, Gund Investments, and Burrill & Company.


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